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You can't change her 'cause you know you think it's hot; this girl loves danger

Dull life # The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
We sing the nightmare of the lies that you speak
The beast that I lie beneath is coming in // More alive than you've ever been

Your Princess Is Priceless # Black Bear
A princess is priceless I promise I know that.

Cheated Hearts# The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Well sometimes I think that I'm bigger Than the sound
Now take these rings And stow them safe away // I'll wear them on Another rainy day

Yummi # Gwen Stefani
I'm feeling Yummy head to toe // I came back for my spotlight
Ain't got no patience so let's go (you see me)

Forever Young # Alphaville
Let us die young or let us live forever
Youth is like diamonds in the sun // And diamonds are forever
So many adventures couldn't happen today // So many songs we forgot to play

What's My Age Again # Blink 182
My friends say I should act my age (What's my age again?)
With many years ahead to fall in line // Why would you wish that on me?

Heart Of Glass # Blondie
Once I had a love and it was divine // Soon found out I was losing my mind
In between What I find is pleasing and I'm feeling fine // Love is so confusing there's no peace of mind

Living In The Skies With Diamonds # Cobra Starship
Her heart is racing and the room is heating up // and her eyes are glazing but she still can't get enough.
the last thing on her mind is growin' up // she'll kiss the sky before she's givin' up... oh-oh here she goes..
You can't change her 'cause you know you think it's hot // and that girl loves danger but she don't know when to stop

Cherry Red # Ida Maria
I've been such a good girl, Living in a bad world // Feels like I could use a gun
I'm gonna be your girl tonight // I'm gonna wear my Cherry Red, I'm gonna give you lots of...

Greenback Boogie # Ima Robot
Everybody wanna see what its like // Well baby wanna be a queen, Well alright
Or say it's gonna put some love in your life // It aint last, We all know there's better things in this life,

Loving Strangers # Russian Red
I’ve got a whole lot of work to do with your heart Cause it’s so busy, mine’s not
But I’ve got my eye right on you // Give me a coin and I’ll take you to the moon
Like you do when you lie and I know it’s not my imagination

Ruby Tuesday # Rolling Stones
Don't question why she needs to be so free, She'll tell you it's the only way to be
She just can't be chained To a life where nothing's gained And nothing's lost At such a cost
There's no time to lose, I heard her say Catch your dreams before they slip away

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